V.J. Mistry & Co. Ltd is a general contracting company active in the construction and management of residential, commercial & industrial projects .The company employs highly quality &experienced managers/ engineers as well as skilled multination workforce that enables it to offer and provide several services in construction sector. The company’s management has a strong commitment to the continual enhancement of its capabilities and the services that it offers to its clients. This has contributed to the fast growth of the company during past few years & shall ensure continual growth for the years to come.



V.J. Mistry  & Co. Ltd; The  company was  launched as a Fur- niture  Workshop  in 1960.  The business dealings  began  with the  supply of its products to the government units and other institutions that include hospitals,  schools  and colleges.

Then, in the year 1976,  the company was constituted and es- tablished as a  construction firm. The  Ministry  of Education came forward and awarded a contract, assigning the company to take up the process of constructing its Agricultural Units.

These Agricultural Units comprised Class Rooms, Laboratory, Stores and Offices with interior furnishings as required. The line of expertise brought the company up to get engaged in the process of renovation.

In addition, the company took up the reconstruction work that included major repairs, roofing and painting of the building structures of Registrar of Buildings.

Due to its proficient professional activities in every aspect, the company was registered as a Building Contractor – Class IV in the year 1978. And in 1993, as a progressive turn, the com­pany was registered as a Contractor of Civil Engineering – Road Works. Now, the company excels with the honour of having been upgraded to Class II Building Contractor in the year 2012.

With a stern policy of delivering the work in an exceptional quality, on par with the Interna­tional Standards, in a sensible, optimum cost, and in time, the company strides ahead with a resolution to outshine, constructively.

Delivering work in an exceptional quality of International Standards, in optimum cost, and in time, is our policy. Our principle is to stick to it forever.

Creative Team Work

We have talented technicians to custom design your requirements and delivering projects on time.

Professional Repair

Professionalism is our number one priority when it comes to construction and repair services.

Great Support Team

On every completed project we continue to be your support and number one rehabilitation company.
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