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Welcome to VJ 

Welcome to VJ 

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About Us

VJ. Mistry & Co. Ltd began its journey in Bukoba, Tanzania, from a humble family-run furniture shop in 1960. The business dealings began with the supply of its products to the government units and other institutions that includes hospitals, schools, and colleges. Then, in the year 1976, the company was constituted and established as a construction firm. The Ministry of Education came forward and awarded a contract, assigning the company to take up the process of constructing its Agricultural Units in the following institutional zones:


  • Nyakato Secondary School

  • Rugambwa Secondary School


These Agricultural Units comprised of classrooms, laboratories, storage facilities, and offices with interior furnishings as required.


The successful completion of these projects allowed us to strengthen our core competencies at the time. Due to the experience and acute knowledge of the sector, the company further engaged in the process of renovation of the following school buildings:


  • Bukoba Secondary School

  • Ihungo Secondary School

  • Nyakato Secondary School

  • Rugambwa Secondary School


Concurrently, the company undertook several reconstruction projects including major repairs, roofing, and painting of the building structures of the Registrar of Buildings.


Success followed the firms` proficient professional activities in every aspect, allowing the company to register as a Building Contractor – Class IV in the year 1978. And in 1993, as a progressive turn, the com­pany was registered as a Contractor of Civil Engineering – Road Works. Now, the company excels with the honor of having been upgraded to Class I Building Contractor in the year 2019.


With a stern policy of delivering the work in exceptional quality, on par with International Standards, at a sensible-optimum cost, and in time, the company strides ahead with a resolution to outshine, constructively.

Our Policy

To build an effective infrastructure, the necessary adequate condition is to design a system that will operate with minimum interruption. This can be achieved by employing a proper choice of staff, manufacturing, Installing, Maintain & Manage a Project at all stages. Our Policy is to ensure that our clients get the optimum result by employing our Services.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To be the preferred source of quality construction services and products while building an enduring, innovative, and successful organization. “WE BUILD YOUR VISION”.

  • To specialize in road building, heavy civil and marine construction

  • To supply construction materials and delivery services

  • To provide quality project supervision and workmanship through

  • Recruitment, training, and systems support

  • To foster a corporate culture where our employees have a safe, respectful, and rewarding work environment

  • To deliver projects on schedule and budget

  • To maximize the utilization of resources

  • To seek business opportunities that optimize our multi-disciplinary capabilities

Quality Statement

V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD is committed to providing quality work to our customers that meet project standards and specifications for materials, workmanship, tolerances, schedules, and public service while maintaining profitability and competitiveness. V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD seeks to achieve quality by instilling the principle of “WE BUILD YOUR VISION” in the efforts of all levels of staff. V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD ensures continual improvement through quality processes directed by a strong management team.

Environmental Policy Statement

V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD recognizes that the construction industry can have a significant impact on the environment. V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD is committed to conducting its activities in an environmentally responsible manner. V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD's goal is to meet environmental protection standards expected by the community at large and by the government and to strive to exceed those standards.


To accomplish this, V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD will:


  • Develop and maintain a corporate culture of environmental stewardship;

  • Develop and maintain an Environmental Management program;

  • Conduct Environmental Risk Assessments and prepare project-specific environmental control plans as required;

  • Commit to training and educating our staff and promote a culture of minimizing our environmental impact;

  • Meet environmental requirements defined by legislation, regulation, government directives, standards, Best practices, and other applicable environmental standards;

  • Ensure that planning and operational decision making V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD gives great consideration to how our actions impact the environment and how we can manage and actively mitigate environmental impacts;

  • Integrate environmental protection into our business by planning activities to avoid or mitigate adverse environmental impacts;

  • Ensure that sub-contractors and their employees understand and adhere to V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD environmental policy and procedures;

  • Conserve sources use by efficient use of energy by reduction of emissions and discharges, by eliminating unnecessary waste, and by recycling where practical;

  • Ensure that response to any environmental incidents associated with V.J.MISTRY & CO.LTD operations is swift and effective;

  • Work towards the continual improvement of our environmental performance and environmental management systems.

  • This policy applies to all V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD operations and on all V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD worksites.


VJ. MISTRY & CO.LTD is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace with safety as a primary consideration in all we do. We value our employees, clients, and the environment and we do not view any level of loss as an acceptable consequence of conducting our business. V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD recognizes the right of workers to work in a safe environment.


To achieve our goal of becoming an industry leader in safety performance, V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD invests in our employees to ensure that they have the best resources for safe and healthful working conditions as well as safe work rules, practices, and job procedures based upon experience, safety culture that expects all levels of employees to refuse unsafe work; to actively participate in safety meetings and site inspections; and to report near-miss incidents, injuries, equipment and property losses, and environmental incidents when they occur.


Everyone at V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD has the responsibility to prevent accidents, injuries, and equipment loss by observing established safety procedures, following the directions of supervisors, and reporting unsafe and/ or unhealthy conditions. As a company, we are committed to conducting Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments, preparing and implementing supplementary project-specific Health and Safety plans as required, and providing safety training. V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD is committed to the implementation of the health and safety program in a spirit of cooperation and consultation.


As we work together to achieve superior standards through the implementation of the V.J. MISTRY & CO.LTD. Occupational Health Safety Management System, we will ensure our principle of “WE BUILD YOUR VISION” endures for future generations.

"We believe in delivering works for desirable quality standards, minimum cost and within stipulated time"

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